OREGON PINE - a film by Nicolai Max Hahn

love story / feature (93 min. / 1:1,85) Kidbrother Pictures - 2015


Wood engineer Richard Lüders (Hannes Wegener) lifes a life like a construction. Highly engaged in his career his life consists of short purely sexual affairs. When he first meets Teresa Becker (Peri Baumeister) it seems to be just another one of these brief encounters. But this time everything changes. Although Richard tries to fight in the beginning, the unexpected tenderness, intimacy and the longing it brings pulls him right in. Although his company is facing several financial difficulties, he busts important meetings which of course leads to problems with his business partner. But Richard is booked for a wild ride of love, passion, ease and freedom. Sharpened by the sudden awareness of what he had been missing in his life, his time with Teresa becomes a journey to his own feelings and the question arises: Where do i belong? But the anwser Richard finds hits Teresas sor spot and suddenly he realizes that he basically knows nothing about her. Where she comes from, where she wants to go, who she is...



HANNES WEGENER - Richard Lüders





Director & Author - Nicolai Max Hahn

Director of Photography - Yannick Bonica

Editor - Melanie Lischker

Art-Direktion - Oliver Hahn

Set Dresser - Fabian Eisenacher

Costume - Nadja Lienig

Make up - Jasmin Arnold / Natalie Federl

Sound-Design - Rolf-Peter Schmidt

Music - Thee Balancer

Sound Mix - Miles Kann / Christian Chrilli Wilmes

Line Producer - Tom Sternitzke

Production Manager - Benno Schoppmann

Coproducer - Bojana Nikolaidis

Producer - Nicolai Max Hahn / Vulnet Rusani

Director's Notes - Visual Language

While blocking the scenes togehter with my Dop Yannick Bonica we worked on the premise to always let the emotional condition of our story's characters take the lead. Given that we simply tried to find the best way to convey these feelings with our pictures.The result ensues a clearly visual red thread of the protagonist's emotional journey. For instance the scenes when Richard and Teresa are togehter are shot with a smooth almost documentary-like handheld camera. A camera thst always keeps close, breathes almost like the actors who have met love and who's hearts beat together. Imeges of fear and isolation in contrast are held static, become in their immobile rigidity a source of uncertainty themselves.

Director's Notes - The Narrative Of Love

To stay true with the theme of love i made the choice to use several approaches. Reality, dream and phantasy, past and the present, they all helped me to draw an image of love as an ambivalent caleidoscope of intimacy and passion, ternderness and violence.

Director's Notes - Genre

I am convinced that love ist the most important thing in human live. Only he who is able to love is human. But next to the warmth and tenderness that love brings, it is also often accompanied by a coldness and cruelty that seeks comparison. Love is by condition connected with the fear of loss. As life ends in death, every love ends one day in separation. And it is this fear i want to tell about, that's the film's theme.